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RIP: Graham Skidmore Cause Of Death, Anchor & Voice Artist Graham Skidmore Died At 90. Reason, Funeral & Obituary Explored!

Graham Skidmore is originally from the United Kingdom and is a voice actor as well as an announcer on game shows. When he died, he was just 90 years old. Let’s discover how Graham Skidmore died, the causes of his death, and what was his official cause. Subscribe For More Such Articles On Reviewback.com.

Graham Skidmore Cause Of Death

How did Graham Skidmore pass away?

Graham Skidmore, who was a star on “Blind Dates,” has passed away. At 90, he is now a widower. According to an Express UK article, Skidmore died on December 27, according to the Express UK. His family made the announcement of his death to the public recently. Skidmore’s son Neil Skidmore wrote a tribute to his father to The Sun. He claims that Kent is where the voice actor died in his final hours.

“Even though he didn’t want to be on the screen, he had a very well-known voice and was proud of its beauty. My father did the voiceover work on a London show that I was producing. I’m in event management. Metro was told by Neil that people recognized him immediately. This was later published. Catherine, the father’s daughter, praised him as a great father who made sure to look after the welfare of his children.

Graham Skidmore Cause Of Death

Skidmore also stated that he had suffered from vascular dementia and malignancy in the ten previous years. According to the National Health Service vascular dementia is the most common type of dementia. It can develop when there is no blood flow to the brain and can become more severe over time.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), vascular cancer can be caused by cells that produce lymphatic and blood vessels. The disorder could develop into cancer. Graham Skidmore is originally from the United Kingdom and is a voice actor as well as an announcer for game show announcements. He was the voice actor for Blind Date, a British dating game. Although Skidmore didn’t make an appearance on the show, his voice was instantly recognizable and he was affectionately known as “Our Graham”.

Graham Skidmore Career

Skidmore’s narration on the British dating game show Blind Date, from 1985 to 2002, is responsible for his fame. Cilla Black, a broadcaster was the one who gave Skidmore the nickname “Our Graham”. Tommy Sandhu was the host for the final season, which aired between 2002-2003. In the revival of the show, Melanie Sykes played the role of host. It aired on Channel 5 between 2017 and 2019.

Skidmore was a voiceover artist on the BBC 2 show Shooting Stars. This program was created by Vic Reeves (and Bob Mortimer), in a similar fashion to this one. You can hear him giving the awards announcements and introducing the contestants for Series 1 through 5. He also provided the voice for commercials on television and radio.

About Graham Skidmore

Graham Skidmore was born in 1931, and he worked as an engineer. Voice actor and announcer for UK game shows. Skidmore attended the burial of CillaBlack, who was a co-host of Blind Date. Equity, the entertainment union did not announce his death until June 2022, even though he died on December 27, 2021. Catherine, his daughter, thought he was a great man.

A remembrance for Graham Skidmore, in light of his death

Graham Skidmore, a former Voice Over Artist, has died at the age 90. He is best known for his role on Blind Date, LWT for ITV. He was the latest to go. Graham, who was the voice for “Shooting Stars”, on BBC2, died on December 27, 21. Confirmation of the Family This Day.

Graham Skidmore is well-known for being one of the most memorable voices on television. This reputation extends to business. His Quick Reminders on Blind Date were smart and funny, even though they sometimes made it embarrassing.

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